Nedap. First people, then technology
Are you almost ready to graduate or just starting out in your career? Consider Nedap! Nedap was founded in 1929 and has been listed on the stock exchange since 1947. Nedap is all about ‘Technology for life’: developing products, propositions and solutions that make work more pleasant for people and increase their productivity. We focus on how people interact with technology, not on technology itself. At Nedap we believe in the versatility of people and organisations. We trust in the power of ideas and initiatives.

There are some 700 bright minds employed at Nedap, working in 11 offices across the world. Our Groenlo campus is the beating heart of the seven different market groups that Nedap comprises. Our staff includes marketeers, project leaders, account managers, software developers and UX designers. They work closely together in multidisciplinary co-development teams for companies like Adidas. We ensure loss prevention in shops for Adidas at an international level. Another major partner is Unilever, which uses our access control systems to secure their offices around the globe.

This is Nedap
Investing in talent is a top priority for Nedap. ‘First people, then technology’ is the way we put it. We believe that the constant development of our employees will ensure a higher quality of life, which in turn leads to a better quality of work. Another key aspect for us is that people take the initiative. We challenge you to set your own course and develop your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. We will help wherever we can, and trust that this will help Nedap staff bring out the best in themselves.

Nedap employee and Erasmus alumnus Oscar van den Broek has the following to say in this light: ‘At Nedap you are quickly given responsibility and encouraged to pitch your own ideas and chart your own career path. The manager doesn’t determine this for you!’ Read his whole story (in Dutch) in the blog.

Are you up to the Nedap challenge?
Do our story and Oscar’s blog appeal to you? Nedap is always on the lookout for new colleagues with an appetite for development. If you join Nedap, you will be determining your own development, realising your ambitions and dreams. We will provide a great working environment with plenty of opportunities.

Are you a Bachelor’s or Master’s student, or at the beginning of your career? Do you have a passion for marketing, sales, strategy or analysis? Then you are just who we are looking for. Visit our website for graduation assignments, part-time employment and job vacancies: