Traditional Tailoring, a craft that is slowly coming back to society. With attention for unique style, personal touch and quality. At NANUOMO & NANDONNA we make your suit exactly the way you want it. You get to decide the fabric, the lining, the type of button, the color of the yarn and whether or not you want to make your suit unique with the embroidering of your name on the inside of the jacket. Whether you prefer a blue business suit or a Ferrari red one, everything is possible.

During the first impressions training you will learn and experience the influence of what you wear and how you present yourself during a meeting.  It is academically proven that in the first seconds of a meeting an impression and an opinion about the person in front of you. We learn you how to make sure that with your first impression your make sure this is a positive one!

We welcome you at Tuesday, October 30 at 10.30 at Hofplein Rotterdam.