About us

Mirino is a young, Amsterdam-based startup. We provide BI-applications and specialized consultancy services to increase the rentability of wholesale trade companies. Our name is Italian for scope, and that is exactly what we bring to our customers.

Our customers offer large assortments (>5.000 articles) and face the ongoing challenge to manage them efficiently. In order to ensure that every article maintains its profitability target, wholesalers rely on the products and services of Mirino.


Since we started, we have grown excessively. Pioneering entrepreneurship is crucial to identify opportunities that get us ahead. The open, vibrant and flexible company culture of Mirino is essential to realize exactly that.

But growth cannot stand on its own. It should be accompanied with a “boots on the ground” mentality and the right degree of strategic patience. “Rome wasn’t build in one day”, and neither will a professional application and service provider.

If you want to be part of our journey, please continue reading about our different business areas.

Business development & BI-operations

We expect our consultants and analysts to be fully capable of handling an entire customer trajectory. That means that you will learn how to:

  •   Identify leads and attract new business;
  •   Translate data into information in our BI-environment;
  •   Extract useful findings and present them to senior managers;
  •   Train end-users to implement identified improvements and monitor customer satisfaction;

Product development & support

Product developers are responsible for executing our product strategy. In the coming years, we are increasing the applications’ accuracy, broadening the range of services while ensuring the application to stay easy-to-use. It is more than writing the right code: A good product developer understands the challenges of a customer and knows how to turn it into the right solution.

Marketing & branding

The primary focus of our marketeers is to translate our proposition into the right communication. He/she is challenged to break down the complex field of assortment management optimization into understandable bits and demonstrate the advantages of our offerings. Besides our product proposition, we offer wholesalers a variety of trainings, workshops and informative articles to increase their assortment management skills. We expect our marketeers to increase and improve these initiatives.


We are looking forward to meeting you! Please reach out if you are interested in understanding how we could help you in your next career step. Our offer is open for graduates and students (side-job).