Company profile:

Meltwater’s current CEO and founder Jørn Lyseggen had a simple idea back in 2001 in Oslo. Make it easy to access public information living on the internet, and use it to deliver valuable insights that weren’t accessible without technology. We started out by transforming the traditional press clipping service, simply monitoring media bases on keywords. Now we go beyond news monitoring my adding social media listening and adding dashboards for real-time analytics and benchmarking. 

 Today we are a leading media intelligence company, headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in 55 cities on six continents and over 25,000 clients. For our clients we deliver insights on their own brand, their competitors and their market spaces via our SaaS-solutions. The operation in the Netherlands was founded in 2007 and currently consists of about 40 employees. We’re located in the heart of Amsterdam and from our monumental office we sell our service and support clients in the Benelux-area.

 Every day we live by our values: Fun, Winners and Respect or MER (more)! Because we believe that every success should be celebrated, but even at your best your can do better.

 We compliment our core business with our nonprofit African incubator: the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology or MEST. A great example as to how we use technology to bridge gaps not only in information, but als in socioeconomics. Secondly we’ve launched Shack15, a data science co-working space in London hosting bright startups that are leading the charge in transforming business through artificial intelligence. 

 With recent acquisitions we are expanding our capabilities in artificial intelligence and big data. But the original idea hasn’t changed. As much as we’ve grown and scaled, Meltwater continues to reimagine the way that unstructured data outside the firewall can be used to improve business. 

 We are excited to welcome new additions to our winning team. If you want to join ‘Norway’s secret unicorn’ (, 2017) in the Netherlands, check out