Joust is the bridge between motivated young professionals and ambitious clients. We
are a young company located in Utrecht and are looking for young professionals with a
field of expertise in Finance & Control, Data Analytics, Information Management and
Business Administration. We address (recent) graduates with 0 – 4 years of experience
on a daily basis and match these young professionals with interesting companies, in the
form of a traineeship. Joust offers you as a young professional the change to gain
relevant working experience and the opportunity to become a permanent employee in
the company after 12 months.

The ‘future’ is an abstract concept: what are ‘competences’ and how to recognize
‘talent’? We help you recognizing and concretizing your abilities and possibilities. Joust
is a profiler: we foresee and get to the bottom of what you want and what you are able
to. Joust asks, hunts and knows how to surprise.

It is our ambition to upgrade your career, by providing you with thé best start of your
professional life. Your talents and motivation, combined with our network and
experiences, is the recipe for a high success rate. We have a great track record in the
area of innovative questions in Finance, Control, IT and Business Administration.

Your traineeship will start with a Personal Talentmangement Plan, to determine what
you need to learn and be able to do in order to reach your dream job. Afterwards, we
use coaching, peer supervision and training to make sure you reach the discussed goals.
We have an eye for the development of both your hard and soft skills, which makes your
traineeship challenging, broadly orientated and above all: the perfect combination of
skills you’ll need in order to take your career to a higher level.

Our approach is personal and we are able to act fast. We make sure our clients are
unburdened by our energetic and critical young professionals, who will be guided by
specialists with large experience and knowledge of working with recent graduates. This
process is supported by our key values of sharing knowledge, professional growth and
peer discussions.

Our trainees are working at different clients, all recognized for their authority in their
branches. Examples are the ABN Amro, Rabobank, Vesteda, UMC Utrecht, LidL and
many more!

So, are you looking for a custom-made traineeship or are you open for challenges and
want to get inspired? We would love to get in touch with you! Follow us on LinkedIn,
Instagram and Facebook and visit our website to read more
about our current vacancies.