Inverto – a BCG company (ICE)




We are one of the most successful consultancies for procurement and supply chain management, a part of the Boston Consulting Group, and have worldwide operations employing over 300 people. To be precise: over 300 very satisfied people.

This satisfaction is ensured by a certain something that we call very INVERTO. And that consists of a unique, friendly atmosphere, team spirit and fairness. And fun.

Of course, we also enjoy having so many customers and projects; in almost every country in the world, and in almost every industry. And that is why we are constantly looking for friendly people who have the right abilities and wish to support us. 

What we look for

INVERTO is perfectly positioned for a wide range of industries. This gives you great scope for versatility, and it also challenges you. Your learning curve has never been so steep, we can already promise you that. Our teams include business economists, industrial engineers, lawyers, mathematicians and economists, depending on the project. However, basic knowledge of business administration is a prerequisite, regardless of what you have previously studied.Very INVERTO means that we are not only consultants but also do-ers. We do not leave our clients alone with our strategies, we implement them together. If you are equally results driven, then you would be very welcome here. 

What we offer

We offer a solid onboarding, experienced colleagues who will support you from day one and exciting projects to dive into. You’ll be working alongside our consultants right away, even on client site. With the support of our trainings you will develop your skills and knowledge and make your way up the career steps. 

And all this is surrounded by a great and fun team spirit, several team events as well as annual international events where you have the opportunity to meet all international colleagues and catch up. 

Student Target


  • Bsc International Business Administration


  • Master in Management
  • Business Analytics & Management 
  • International Management / CEMS
  • Strategic Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Management
  • Supply Chain Management

Company presentation

Who are we? And what is Very Inverto? Let’s have a closer look at what you can expect when joining INVERTO as an intern or consultant. Following a short overview on Inverto itself, we will provide you with an insight on some of our clients and former projects and closing the presentation with insights on what it’s like to work at INVERTO and a round of personal insights.

If you would like to work in an international project set up, we look forward to seeing you at our presentation!

Why are you interested in internationally oriented RSM students? – As we are growing internationally and looking for people with the desire to work in an international project set up, RSM students are the perfect target group for us – especially those with a focus on SCM!

Specialism: Consulting in Procurement & Supply Chain Management 

Company website & Career website: 

Company Size: Nine office locations worldwide  >300 experts

Headquarter: Cologne, Germany