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Graduate Entrepreneur is an initiative ran by students from TU Delft, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Erasmus MC and a group of well-established, successful alumni. It aims to unite the startup ecosystem: connecting all existing organizations in Delft & Rotterdam. Graduate Entrepreneur wants to help you as a young entrepreneur to get your startup to the next level! We are built upon 3 pillars, which will help your startup become a great success, namely: Capital, Coaching and Community.

Got a brilliant idea? Then we can provide the money and knowledge to get you started, help you accelerate, take off and eventually: fly.

But there is more! You can meet some of the most established business builders and leaders, willing to help you find and maneuver your path to success. You will be matched to one of the experienced alumni in our network, who will be your mentor during your Graduate Entrepreneur journey. We will match you based on your industry, solution and overall challenges. Your mentor is someone who has been in your shoes before, and who knows which steps to take and how to tackle potential challenges.

The Graduate Entrepreneur Student Team consists of 13 students from Delft and Rotterdam, who work closely with all startups and alumni in the network. Want to know more? Go to: