First Consulting

Who are we?

First Consulting is a rapidly growing, no-nonsense consultancy organisation with a passion for operational processes. We help leading companies improve their operational performance. These improvements are measurable, lead to sustainable results and are achieved by adjusting processes, technology and the organisation. We don’t operate from a remote office, but at the office of our clients, in all layers of the organisation. By being present within the organisation, we are able to form a complete view of the current processes and their performance. Our clients are companies operating in infrastructure, telecommunication, banking, retail and energy. We distinguish ourselves by combining in-depth process and system knowledge with operational realization power.

Our consultants

Our consultants combine knowledge and decisiveness when designing smart, high quality solutions. They translate the client’s strategic direction to business processes, organisation, and IT while effortlessly transitioning between management, the general workforce – office and field, strategy, and operations in a very hands-on, down-to-earth manner. While doing so, a constant focus on measurable result is maintained. The consultants of First Consulting connect extensive process knowledge and effective leadership to translate client problems to straightforward solutions. Additionally, they connect IT expertise and insight to customer processes. By close collaboration with our clients they realise effective results on a daily basis. We deliver on our promises.

Maximize your potential?

Personal development and having fun are essential at First Consulting. In our flat organisation, we ensure that starters as well as experienced consultants quickly obtain responsibilities, therewith guaranteeing a steep learning curve. Together with your mentor, you choose your own personal development; take on a project manager role, develop yourself as a consultant or specialize in a specific domain. Training on-the-job, together with group trainings on multiple domains, are considered important to foster personal development. Additionally, we organize sporty and challenging events six times a year. Will you maximize your potential and realize smart results on a daily basis with an enthusiastic group of colleagues? Feel free to contact us, or sign up for the case.

Are you the winner of our case?

Reducing power breakdowns is still one of the biggest challenges for our customers in the energy market. In practice, the solution to this problem is not an easy one, and that’s why one of the biggest Dutch grid operators has asked us to thoroughly analyse the problem and provide a suitable solution.

The case is based on one of our projects, representing a real-life problem including real data. By analysing the data and approaching the problem from three different domains (process, technology and implementation), it is your job to find a tailor-made solution in order to impress the client. Will you beat your competition, and will your solution change the energy world? Sign up now, and impress us.

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