A family company with a truly progressive and global outlook. 

Ferrero has grown from a small Italian confectionery shop founded in 1946 to become the 3rd largest chocolate confectionary group in the world, selling products in more than 160 countries, with a turnover of € 8,4 billion and more than 34,000 collaborators. This doesn’t stop us working together as an extended family.

At Ferrero Benelux, you will work in a welcoming, open and international environment. 

We are present in different locations, employing in total around 150 employees in three different locations: the head office in Brussels, in Breda (NL) and in our warehouse in Ternat.

Our factory, located in Arlon, produces Kinder Surprise, Kinder Schoko-Bons and Raffaello which are exported to over 60 countries. 

 As Ferrerians, we put our products and people first: we encourage innovation and ensure you keep learning and growing as the company grows, bringing a quality to your life that stays with you for a long time.