This = Exact

Founded in 1984 and now operating in more than 100 countries, we are a leader in the global business and financial software market. What makes us stand out? We combine the energy of a start-up with the advantages of a multinational. Our aim is to create the best business software with the most innovative software solutions. Over 550,000 entrepreneurs and accountants trust our software and use it on a daily basis.

As an employer, we accept our social responsibility. This is important to us and we genuinely believe in it. We think green in everything we do, whether it’s by reducing paper consumption, encouraging digital working and minimising travel by plane and car. We also support employees who want to contribute to the (local) community.  Exact celebrates differences and views them as a learning opportunity. We assess ideas based on merit, rather than source. It’s passion, dedication and ownership that earn you a place at the table. 

Because we have so many different products, there are many different teams within Exact in which our people work with a lot of drive and pleasure. To name a few examples: Sales is where our commercial leaders work, the Marketing department is where our marketing and communication gurus are and Finance is where they make sure our numbers add up. Our Technology colleagues work all day on our new and existing products and in Customer Success our people offer solutions to our customers all day long. Because we are always growing, we are always looking for new colleagues! Will you be our new colleague? https://www.exact.com/nl/werken-bij