E.ON Inhouse Consulting

What makes us special? Challenging projects. Outstanding development opportunities. Exceptional team spirit. We master the most important strategic challenges facing the energy market, support the personal and professional development of our consultants and live a unique business culture.

We are the internal management consulting unit of the E.ON Group – based in Essen. With over 90 consultants, we are one of the leading internal management consulting firms in Europe and the preferred strategy and implementation partner of the E.ON management team. Our focus lies on generating a measurable, sustainable value add for E.ON in close cooperation with our corporate affiliates.

What do we do? We have the opportunity to support E.ON’s leading executives and steer the Group successfully through the energy revolution, i.e. to prepare our customers in the best-possible way to cope with future market developments, technological and social change, as well as new competitive environments. For example, our teams were involved in supporting the split into E.ON and Uniper and are now driving digitization and improving customer experience in international projects.

Who are we? Our exceptional team spirit is marked by heterogeneity, internationality and interdisciplinarity. This perfect combination guarantees excellent results and plenty of fun whilst working on our projects. We promote mutual support and an intensive exchange of knowledge and experience and benefit from multiple offers to boost our personal development: From sabbaticals to educational leave and the chance to do an MBA/PhD. Apart from the experience we share, there is also one great passion common to us all: We want to push the transition ahead and create something huge as one. Drive change. Grow together.

Careers at E.ON Inhouse Consulting

Face new challenges every day – learn something new every day! We see ourselves as a talent factory focused on nurturing young managers for the E.ON Group. Our special combination of consulting expertise coupled with Group experience offers you a multitude of options for fast-tracking your personal and professional development. Benefit from outstanding and manifold training opportunities, personal coaching & mentoring as well as demanding project work to really drive your development ahead. Regular, in-depth feedback discussions let you bolster your strengths and specifically target development areas. In addition, you will gain comprehensive insights into E.ON’s core businesses with the chance to acquire a wealth of experience and build a large career network.

We also guarantee an international and truly inspiring working environment. Regardless of which project you will be working on – and whether you are based in Essen, Munich, Coventry or Milan – our team consists of 15 different nationalities, all of whom communicate in English – our corporate language. A broad range of cultural backgrounds and experience is what makes our team – and our work – so very unique and special!

Would you like to become part of the E.ON Inhouse Consulting team? We are open for applications all year round. Your dossier should include the following: A descriptive cover letter explaining your motivations, a structured CV and copies of all your testimonials. We will send you a confirmation as soon as we have received your application and will let you know within five working days whether we are going to invite you to our Recruiting Day. We will then go through all the content-related and organizational details with you on the telephone to ensure you are optimally prepared for the interviews.

What awaits you on the Recruiting Day? The day starts off with a company presentation. A member of our management team will inform you about our projects, development opportunities and our culture. The processing of a quantitative online test will then be followed by three one-hour case and personality interviews. Following on from this, we will invite you to lunch and, when the Recruiting Day finally draws to a close, provide you with individual feedback on your performance. Should you be successful, you will leave for the weekend with an offer in your pocket! Further information on our recruiting process and how to prepare for your interviews is available at our careers homepage – which covers everything from useful tips from our consultants to an energy-related test case.

Ready to start? Our structured onboarding day sees that you get all the required training and provides you with a general overview of the most important things to know about our projects, processes and training programs – right on day one.