DSW Zorgverzekeraar is a Dutch Health Insurance company. We are located in Schiedam and house 700 employees. Although the Dutch health insurance system is dominated by four large companies – together holding around 90% of the market – we have over 730.000 customers (a market share close to 5%).

DSW has a divergent view on healthcare compared to other (larger) health insurers. Our entire system is based on solidarity. Together we pay a small fee to compensate for the high costs made by a few. It is important that everyone pays the same fee so the costs are equally divided. However, there is a growing number of insurance labels that offer discounts, usually to the healthier customers (like “budgetpolissen/budget policy” and “collectiviteits kortingen/group discount”). These discounts don’t lower the total costs of healthcare and are paid by others (usually less healthy) people. 

With this vision, DSW has grown to become the fifth largest health care insurance company in the Netherlands. We are proud to be among the smallest. DSW doesn’t want to be the biggest, we want to be the best. And we are, based on the awards we’ve won from independent studies. For example “Meest Klantvriendelijkste Verzekeraar. We even made the top 10 of the most customer friendly companies in the Netherlands and are proud to be named besides brands like Coolblue and Efteling .We also won an award which compliments us for being disruptive 

DSW is extremely customer-focused. The money we receive from customer contributions goes directly towards healthcare. Not to advertisements, comparison sites or profits. We do what is best for healthcare and for the patients  DSW isn’t the biggest company or well-known. But we are pragmatic, stubborn, and honest. Together we do what needs to be done for a good healthcare system.

During the Star Management Week, we’ll organize an Inhouse Day at our office in Schiedam. During the day, we will show you our offices and facilities (like our own gym) and let you experience our company culture. We’ll present you with a case study to get a feeling of what it’s like to work in health insurance. We’ll also walk you through the possibilities of working at DSW.

Please note this day requires Dutch fluency. 

See www.dsw.nl or www.werkenbijdsw.nl for more information about us.