Case Club

RSM STAR Case Club

The RSM STAR Case Club is one of STAR’s Flagship groups and a student association at RSM. Our mission is to provide consultancy training to RSM students and win international case competitions. 

We solve real-life business cases that are written by company professionals and focus on a problem that a certain organization is encountering. The topics range from finance to corporate social responsibility (CSR), and from marketing to digital innovation. Cases are typically solved in teams of 4 students, in a timeframe ranging from 3 to 48 hours, and are presented to and judged by a panel of academic staff, consultants and industry professionals. To train our members and prepare them for international case competitions, we host trainings, workshops and case-days throughout the year.

Additionally, the Case Club organizes our home case competition: the RSM STAR Case Competition. This is a unique opportunity for sixteen teams from top business schools worldwide to compete with each other by presenting their solutions to real-life business cases. Every year we attract international companies to participate in the competition as a case partner. This allows the students to learn from industry experts and real-life challenges the businesses currently face, as well as giving companies a great opportunity to recruit top students from both RSM, and around the world. 

Our members benefit from being able to apply the theory they learn at RSM to practical matters. Further, they can create a unique network as they frequently get into contact with people from top-tier companies and universities. Moreover, members are selected to travel abroad for international competitions. The competitions are often considered the “Olympics” of business schools, and allow universities from around the world to show how they approach and solve different cases. Lastly, the Case Club offers an exceptional platform to meet like-minded, ambitious and curious students. 

The RSM STAR Case Club is looking forward to attending the STAR Management Week, as we believe our training will be very beneficial to all those taking part. Additionally, the SMW is a very prestigious affair for all RSM Students, and we therefore could not be more excited to play a part in making this great event happen!