Calco – Got the itch? Make the switch 

Unique IT/Finance traineeship
Have you almost finished your degree, and are you ready to make a career? Are you in doubt of what to do next? And maybe you don’t want to continue with what you have been studying for? That’s alright; we got you!  

At Calco, we offer several traineeships in IT and Finance for senior Bachelor and Master students (HBO/WO). You get the opportunity to develop yourself within two years into a real professional. The best part of it all? You do not need a relevant education for this. We will train you in our internal training center in Amsterdam, and this will all take place in just two months. You will be taught both hard and soft skills. 

Why working at Calco?
You might wonder… What about my salary? Well, you will get a permanent contract with us, ánd you will be paid from day one! Still not convinced? Calco offers you the opportunity to start at a top 200 company in the Netherlands. You will not only receive a NS Business card with which you can travel privately, but you will get a personal coach who will support you one-on-one the entire process, and you could follow various training courses. Our clients are active in various sectors, such as banking and insurance, healthcare, FMCG, industry, logistics and government. As a trainee you will work in a position that suits you, for example, a role as (junior) information analyst, application manager, tester, programmer or project leader.

About Calco
Does this sound attractive to you? You can count on an open culture full of enthusiastic, entrepreneurial colleagues. Calco challenges people and organizations to infinite growth. By dealing with talent in an inspiring and innovative way, we guarantee the best quality. Calco is number one in connecting the new generation with the place that IT and Finance occupy in society. We work hard, learn fast, and there is plenty of room for development and fun. It is important to us to make sure everyone is comfortable in their place. We even organize cool (online) events, a legendary annual party, and weekly Friday afternoon drinks. We hope to meet you soon! 

Heineken Case by Calco 
This workshop focuses on one of the crucial, non-technical roles within IT: Business Analyst. You’ll work in small teams to solve our unique and challenging Heineken Case, where you’ll experience what it takes to be a Business Analyst. Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking are required to guarantee a successful solution!  

Is IT boring? No way! 
During this Calco case, you will experience what it is like to work in IT without programming. Is that possible? Hell yes! Information analysts must have excellent communication skills to uncover incomplete information from all stakeholders and create valuable IT solutions. Essential features include listening, creative thinking, and asking questions. Will you join the workshop to find out if you could be an information analyst?