**For Dutch students only**

Building the present, creating the future

Our society is constantly changing, and the built environment changes with it. We can make clever use of the Internet of Things (IoT), data and virtual reality to meet the needs of, for example, residential clients. And imagine the effect of self-driving cars on the infrastructure of the near future! On top of that, the tremendous progress technology has made over recent years has brought innovations that can revolutionise the building process: robotisation, 3D printing, drones. Thinking in possibilities helps our society to grow. BAM has the ambition to be the leader in these innovative developments. What about you? As a financial you can be part of this! Do you want to work at a company with tangible and visible results where you can see what you are contributing to?

The strategy of BAM – ‘Building the present, creating the future’ – is aimed at making Royal BAM Group one of Europe’s most important sustainable and innovative construction companies in 2020. An enterprising builder, with a professional approach to innovative and sustainable solutions. From tunnels and hospitals in the Netherlands to jetties in Australia and soccer stadiums in Abu Dhabi: BAM plays a leading role in many ground-breaking projects. With approximately 20,000 employees, BAM delivers thousands of projects every year. The vision and unique culture of BAM are supported by the four values that guide the employees of Royal BAM Group. These values are predictable performance, scalable learning, proactive ownership and open collaboration.

Dynamic company

As financial at BAM you are part of the team which is responsible for the realisation of sustainable solutions. You contribute to the realisation of a tangible product that passes to the next generation. Every (phase of a) project has its own dynamic. BAM is a project organisation: every product, construction team, customer and environment is different. This keeps your position challenging. As part of the tender team you help thinking about payment conditions, purchasing risks, and financing arrangements. During the construction phase, activities are more focused on project control, translation of risks and opportunities into forecasts, liquidity forecasts, and forecast discussions with the project manager.

There are ample opportunities for development within BAM. Due to the size of the organisation, we enable you to gain experience in various disciplines. BAM encourages employees to continue to develop themselves. The culture is characterised by open and direct communication. For development of our employees we have our own in-house training facility, BAM Learning. Part of BAM Learning is GoodHabitz. This is an online platform where more than 120 training courses can be found in all directions. You can develop yourself where and when this is suitable for you.

Challenges and expectations

We expect a financial to be able to convert the financial data into management information. The management and project manager can manage based on this information. Next to that, we want to improve strongly on data analytics. Data analytics enables us to discover trends and to anticipate them in time. The challenge is the development from financial control to business control. As described, we expect a financial to be part of the project team and act as a sparring partner. We expect a future financial at BAM to come up with ideas on how we can optimise financial processes with the use of new technologies.

We would like to invite you for a cup of coffee to discuss the possibilities of getting started at BAM! You can also take a look on You can contact us for your (master’s) internship, a part-time student job, a starter’s position, or the BAM Finance Graduate Programme.