Agium is a company that provides Financial Services for companies that need interim professionals. For example, when they have a capacity problem or when they need specific knowledge about Finance and related subjects. Agium was founded in 2002 in Delft and has since then grown a lot. Currently, Agium has approximately 140 interim professionals working and a brand new office in Breda. Moreover, Agium has been recognized with several awards for fast-growing company and the importance of the organization.

When looking at our professionals, we choose to focus on their education and coaching. We provide both a mentor and a finance coach for our professionals. The purpose of these coaches is to help our professionals in their interim positions and help setting up and achieving both short term as long term goals.

We have professionals on three different levels. 1. junior, 2. medior and 3. senior level. All groups conduct their interim assignments at our clients. Furthermore, all groups are provided with traineeships for their personal development and a combination of practice and learning.